Behind the Scenes

Thanks for joining us as we tell Valentina Terskohva’s story.

There was so much we wanted to include in the show but we needed to make sure Valentina had time to return to earth!


We sent our top secret research team out to chat to Lidia, Valentina’s Mum and of course Valentinas rival Valentina P, to get their first hand reactions to the news that Valentina Terskohva would be the first woman in space!!

Performing in Anti-Gravity

In space there is no gravity which means things float around - did you notice in the show how Valnetina’s pencil kept floating away from her when she was in her rocket?

Because we live on Earth and made the show on Earth we had to try and recreate what it would look like with no gravity - here is a short little video of how our performers managed it. You will see two camera angles: the main screen is what you all saw at home in the audience and the top right screen is what it looks like from behind the scenes! Enjoy!

Now it’s your turn! Try to float like you’re in space. You can share your videos with us by emailing them to or on social media with #ValentinaInSpace

The Vomit Comit!

“Urghh, what’s the vomit comet?!”

Here’s Professor Bertie with everything you need to make your own Vomit Comet at home

Performing From Home

Valentina Star Dreamer is a show made at home for those in their homes. But what does that look like?